Wednesday, June 17, 2009

THANK YOU FRIENDS and 30 30 30 30 30 30!!!

Thanks so much friends (followers) for your wonderful advice on parenting. Mimmy, I love everything you said and I have already learned so much from you, your children, grandchildren, etc! I really do value each and every one of you all. New friends and old, you are my family!

Any hoo, you probably are wondering what the 30 30 30 30 30 is for!? Yesterday, June 16th, I turned 30 years old! The big 3-0!!! 30 WHOLE YEARS!!! I really prepared myself for being a bit depressed, and really wasn't sure how the day would go but it was really fantastic. Lots of people from work gave me cards and that was very unexpected! Greg previously bought me the Cole Haan bag I found on sale. The kids had gifts for me. (Greg actually went shopping for them to give me something.) Brock had me this one. (click on one) Berkley had this special gift for me. (click on this) They also signed a card for me. It was awesome! I love them. My mom also had the kids get me this one along with a key chain with beautiful beads. Mom and dad also got me a beautiful plate with a holder with a saying on it about "daughter". I also got a very nice silver bracelet with a bible verse on it about "mother". Mom got me a beautiful hand painted wine glass with 30 30 30 30 30 30 Thirty Thirty.....all over it. It also said "It took 30 years to look this good!!!" My cousin also had a dozen red roses on my kitchen table when I got home from work. Let's not forget to mention the incredible dinner at mom and dads; roast, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, carrots, asparagus wrapped with provolone and ham, mac & cheese and a beautiful birthday cake complete with 30 sparkler candles! YUMMY! Everything was fresh and home cooked!!! Woot! One of the best birthdays I can remember! All of my friends are getting together at a local restaurant/bar to celebrate this coming Saturday! They always have a band and fantastic steaks! YAY! I'm going shopping on Friday with my friend Jen for my party outfit!

It has taken me hours to post this due to storms, potential tornados...etc. Everything seems to have calmed down weather wise. All in all, it was a great birthday!!! Much love to you ALL!


Mimmy said...

Crystal - If my children would listen to me regarding the raising of their children to the extent that you do they would have been a whole lot better off.

Besides raising my three children almost single handedly, almost raising three grandchildren with the help of my most wonderful Hero Hubby and taking into consideration that I taught severely handicapped children in the public schools for about 7 years I have had a little bit of experience. I've also taught Bible school classes since I was 15 and I always got stuck with the class that had the rowdy boys in it since nobody else wanted them. I think I'll stop here. This would make a good post for my blog and here I am giving away good material.

Your Birthday sounds like an absolute smash. Just hope you didn't get smashed. When my Jeni turned 30, she stayed in the bed all day and said that anybody who sang Happy Birthday to her was going to get slapped. I sent to her house, drug her out from under the covers, sang HB to her and stood there waiting. When I asked her why she didn't slap me her comment was, I've tried that one and Pat put me down so I don't think I'll try it again.

Anyway, just another lovely story about my family. Your 30's are a wonderful time of your life. That is when, for the most part, your children are small, you have built enough of a bank account to give them some of the things that they want and you have a whole lot of friends around to babysit when you caint take none more... Take care and be good.

God Bless,

KK said...

Happiest birthday wishes!! Cheers to fabulous 30th year!!

Wearing Mascara said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!! :-)