Saturday, June 27, 2009

My ballerina

Berkley is only 21 months old but we went ahead (for fun) and started her in Baby Ballet. I have more fun doing it with her than she has doing it. It is a good time. Teaches them coordination, following instructions and actual ballet technique. Of course, they aren't expected to do everything. The first class she was very quiet and didn't say too much and didn't want to participate. Needless to say, Daddy was videoing through the glass and once she saw him, he had to join us in the class. The second class was much better. She ran around and did as much as she could. Of course, once in the comfort of her home, she will do all the steps and things we did in class. It's amazing to see that she really does retain the info. She has a pink leotard with nude tights and her little pink ballet slippers!!! Here are some photos I wanted to share with you all.

Here she is all ready to go to her class!!!

From the left: Catherine, Reese & Berkley...her new little friends!

She didn't know what to think about holding hands with the other girls!

Having fun in the dance studio!

Her square...we learned how to pivot and what diagonal lines are. The point was to run diagonally across the room and leap over the flower. She is the youngest in the class and of course didn't get it but we had fun anyway!

I'm sorry for my lack of posting lately. I was afraid you all would abandon me because I don't write enough. I've just been in a funk lately and the computer has been far from my thoughts!!! Thanks for sticking with me though! Much love to you all! XOXOXO

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Mimmy said...

Crystal - At this age (Berkley, not you and me), we mommies get more out of their lessons and events than they do. My girls were not dancers but were athletes and I can remember when they played their first games (much older than Berkley) and I cheered them on including all of their wonderful mistakes. As you already know, we don't want to live our lives through them, but we sure can have a whole bunch of fun watching them live theirs.

Hope this will help you get out of your "funk" and that you will be back posting more often. Blogging has done me a world of good and gets me out of my chair at least once a day just to see if I've gotten any comments. Most days I don't but the occassional one is good enough for me right now.

Take care and cheer up. Berkley needs and deserves a happy mama.

God Bless,