Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winter Blues, Sickness and Tired!

Yes, long time no blog! I know you all are just dying to read my mess. Brock had a sinus infection, Berkley a double ear infection (2 meds for 10 days) and I have also had a sinus infection along with other issues (2 rounds of shots for me.) I can't even begin to think about just how much work I have missed but they have been gracious nonetheless and I am thankful to still work there. I worked yesterday and made it through. Made it through only 2 hours (of my 4 total) today and had to come home...stomach issues. I will live. I believe I'm finally on the downhill swing.

Other than the sickness, things are well. I have the winter blues I must admit. The cold air makes my bones ache and my joints ache especially. Old age? Probably! I am totally NOT ready for Christmas. I haven't bought one Christmas present yet and I haven't put out one decoration yet. I'm totally focusing on the kids this year and I don't even think I'm sending out Christmas cards. So sorry people who are far away...I doubt there will be cards coming in the mail. It's time to pinch pennies and the kids are the most important!!!

As for what the kids are getting? I have NO IDEA!!! I think my mom bought everything already. Just kidding. I think I'll leave it up to Santa this time! That reminds me...Brock and I have to write a Dear Santa letter. He wants to actually put it in the mailbox to go to the North Pole so that's what we'll do!

We have a big Christmas party on Saturday in Louisville at The Galt House. I don't want to go but I'm going. With everything going on lately, I just want to stay at home!!! BUT, I'm going. I have to get a cocktail dress...hmmm...and my hair colored too. Brock also wants a haircut (gasp). He said "mom. I want to go to Jackie's hair cut store and get my hair washed and cut. My hair is stinky." It's not really stinky...I promise!

Greg and I are doing very well. I'm not going to brag. He is truly the best. No matter what I say, I can get through anything as long as he is by my side. Aaah! I love him.

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