Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Holiday's

From a previous blog that was not posted...

So, it has been a while since I've been able to return to blogging land! My computer CRASHED and had to have a brand new hard drive put in it. Anyhow, I'm back in business! I am so looking forward to Christmas. What has been such a busy and stressful season has really turned out to be a blessing. Several things have changed in my life and I must say it is all for the better. It was tough getting here but I made it!Berkley is the sweetest child alive! She has now started grabbing me and hugging me and kissing me! It is the most perfect thing! She especially does this when she is in trouble. Greg wanted me to throw in here how great it is to be married to him! My husband, the comedian!Brock is progressing well in school!!! He loves it there and it saddens me that he can't stay another year. We are looking at Plumtree Montessori School as one more year of pre-school. As of right now, he isn't ready for full-time school. He's exhausted after 3 days for 3 hours. Montessori school is pricey but we could then enroll him the year after in public school for kindergarten. I'm really not sure what to do. To be continued...

I am so behind on blogging. I don't think anyone has noticed though!

Everything went well over Christmas and New Years. I have been sick for a month and I think I'm finally seeing the end of it! Sinus infection, chest congestion and more snot than I thought a person could produce. Brock has another round of strep. Another shot for him last Friday. He seems to be better now and went back to school today! We have an appointment with the ear, nose and throat doctor on the 20th. His ped said he needs his tonsils out. To be continued...

Berkley is hilarious! I wish I could catch her on video. She is talking up a storm and can now identify her nose "no", ear "e", eye "I" and mouth which she usually sticks out her tongue! And yes, that's how she says them. She is also saying "Papaw, Pappy, Puppy, Bubby, mommy, daddy, dog, hot, baby, bye, hi and hey." Those are the ones I can think of right now.

Brock is doing so well in school. He gets so excited when it is another school day! They are starting to work on math and numbers this semester of school. It should be interesting. It will also include concepts like temperature and telling time. He will record all of this in a book he will keep to show his progress. I should be receiving an email from his teacher giving me her opinion on putting him in kindergarten vs. another year of pre-school. We'll see the outcome. She did send me one telling me that he is making progress but they are still working on empathy and learning and understanding how others feel. She said this will come with time and experiences that will happen.

GUESS WHAT?? Brock is POTTY TRAINING! He has done very well. We are doing big boy underwear in the daytime and pull-ups at night from the advice of our pediatrician. It's like last clicked in his head. No pee pee accidents in the big boy underwear. It's going to be number 2 that will be hard for him. He apparently held it for a few days and went in his undies and when he did, it really hurt coming out. I know...TMI. He hates to sit on the potty so I'm not sure how that will go. We are at least getting there. He also does a pee pee dance when he needs to go so I have a sign that prompts me to ask him if he needs to go. Sometimes he goes without even telling me and no prompting!

Greg is doing construction on the house...and it is going quite well. Will be complete very soon. I have pictures of the stages. What a difference it will make to our kitchen and our family.

I am going to do a post of pictures for you all soon.

Oh, and more to come on New Years Resolutions!!! My goal is to lose 20 pounds. More to come...

Much love,

Agenda for next blog:
  • post pics from holidays and of the kids
  • school for Brock
  • New Years resolutions
  • Papaw's surgery on 1/22/09
  • write more about the kiddos Christmas and how much they were spoiled and what they received.
  • updated pictures of house construction

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