Friday, November 21, 2008

Blah...winter time blues...

I really strongly dislike this time of year. For some reason (maybe seasonal depression) when the season changes from Summer to Winter, since there really is no fall, I get really depressed. On top of that, we have all been sick and I just feel horrible, as does Brock. He has a sinus infection and fluid on his ears. I woke up at 1:30 this morning with a migraine from you know where. I took some pain meds for it and prayed it would work. I got up again at 5:30 and it was gone so I started getting ready for work. As I got ready, the twinge in my head came back and I fought it until about 10:30. Just rotten. Every time I walk outside, my nose runs like a faucet and runs down the back of my throat. I'm sick of being sick and I'm sick of the kids being sick. Brock carries all of this junk home from nasty little children at school. I know it is a part of going to school and he will become more immune with time but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. Believe me, I DON'T! My body just hurts. I'm in a bad mood. The kids are bouncing off the walls. I think I need a break.

The End!

**On a positive note, Berkley got her 12th tooth. She has 4 on the top front, four on the bottom front and all 4 1 year molars.**

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Jenni said...

The seasonal change is definitely an issue for me. Carter and Xavier both have runny noses, dry coughs, and the like. I've just been achy. Cam's got a cold. We aren't a real friendly bunch over here either. I'm saving that prescription for antibiotics the doc wrote me for Carter and the first sign of an ear infection I'm filling it and pumping him with it. He was clear last week, but inevitably it WILL bite us shortly.

Hugs and Love! I hope you guys get to feeling better quick! :)