Saturday, October 11, 2008

Words and Reflection

Berkley can now say a few words!

1. uh-oh
2. bye
3. buh-buh (for her brother)
4. hi
5. oh
6. da-da
7. ma-ma (she rarely says this one.)

Brock has some of the funniest sayings and I have no idea where he comes up with some of them.

1. Mommy, don't yell at me. I'm just a little boy.
2. Daddy's my best friend
3. Oh no, what happened to my best friend, daddy?
4. I'll make you feel better (as he kisses your boo-boo)
5. Ah-ber (this is something he made up. It is like a proclamation of some sort. Ah-ber, I'll get it for you!)
6. I'll sing you the biggest, bestest Thomas song ever! Two, Four, Six, Eight, Shunting Trucks and pauling (hauling) freight...
7. Oh Mommy, I love you.
8. Mommy, I've been looking for you.
9. Mommy, I'm so sorry I lost you. I been worried bout you.

I wish I could list every little thing he says because the smile on his face or the expression in his words or face is just priceless. He truly does make everything better for me. He can mend any boo-boo or any bad feeling that I may have. I tell him all the time that he is my best friend. He thinks that's the coolest thing! I wish I could remember every single thing that he has ever done, for both of the kids but I know it isn't possible. I wish I could write every word, phrase and milestone down to share with them later on in life or to remind myself when I'm too old to remember.

Berkley is going to be the hard-headed fighter. She is going to be the rough and tough girl with her princess shoes on. She doesn't seem to be scared of much and enjoys playing with trucks and tractors more than her dolls. She's the one to worry about as I can see a tiny bit of a rebellious streak in her!!! Brock is my little sensitive guy. He can easily have his feelings hurt and wears them on his sleeve. He is so attentive, affectionate, caring, loving and extremely intelligent. He pays attention to every little detail of everything and actually remembers those tiny little details that most adults don't retain.

It is a blessing to be a mommy to two wonderful kids. Words can't even come close to describing just how much I love these two little people. So, that's it. I have no more words. Only feelings of pure, unconditional love and admiration for the two angels in my life.

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