Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Saturday!

It's Saturday morning and beautiful. Thanks to Kendra for being a faithful reader and commenter on my blog. It's nice to have blog friends seeing as most of my real ones have disappeared. I would really just love to move. I've actually been looking at houses in N. Tennessee. We can get a 4000 square foot home for much cheaper than here in Bowling Green. Either that or we want to move out of this county. So much red tape here and the cost of land and building is outrageous. We are going to be out of this house sometime next year and I can't wait!!! We are busting at the seems here and it is driving me crazy. We are adding on to the kitchen which will go into the garage and putting down new floors. Hopefully this will help raise the value of the home...even though homes aren't selling right now. Maybe next year.

As for my work, I still love it! It's nice having the option to work or to stay home. Makes the decision much better. I'm there because I want to be and not because I have to be. Plus, I have a stress free job for the most part. Not too much responsibility. I don't make much but what I make is mine to spend. I put in my 4 hours and I still have time in the day to do errands, appointments and to do whatever I need to do or want to do with the kiddos. I feel like a working woman and a stay at home mom all in one! I also feel that working half a day and interacting with other adults makes me feel human. I go shopping, I dress up and I feel great about myself when I do it!!! Most of you that know me, know that I LOVE TO SHOP and I can actually say for once that I think I have too many clothes!!! LOL! I'm not the person that doesn't like to wear things more than once...I just have a wide array and great selection! I can't imagine not wearing an outfit more than once. The things that I purchase are things I love and I will hold onto for years. Found a steal of a deal the other day. A dress from Dillard's that had been $120 and I got it for a whopping $35!!! WUHU! Dillard's is my weakness. I try cheap stores and either things don't fit right or they just end up falling apart with wear and I want things to last.

My most recent purchase (as I mentioned previously in another blog) are my absolute favorite!!!! I got a pair of Ugg's. Actually, I got two but have to return one pair because they are too big. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever put my feet into. These are chocolate and I also purchased black ones. I will be returning the black for a size smaller! The best thing is that they keep your feet at body temperature no matter what!!! No sweaty feet like you would think. I would highly recommend that anyone try them out. My friend Sarah has raved about them for years and I finally took her advice and took the plunge. They are pricey but worth every penny!!!

We are watching the new Thomas the Train movie "The Great Discovery" for the 15 millionth time!!! Berkley just went down for a nap (FINALLY) and I have managed to vacuum, dust, sweep, clean the counters....and well, there is much more to do but that's about all the energy I had left! Oh well! It smells great in here though. It is now noon and we are still in our pj's! What's the point of getting dressed and all pretty to clean and get dirty!? Our carpet is totally and completely ruined. It needed to be replaced when we moved in here like 4 years ago and the kids have completely destroyed it. It has stain after stain on it and looks gross. Thankfully the carpet will go soon.

We (me and the kiddos) went to Sarah's yesterday to play with Jacob. We had a ball! Brock is like 3 times the size of Jacob but Jake hangs right in there playing like he is the same age as Brock. They really had a lot of fun. Berkley was mesmerized by Jake. The thought he was the best thing since sliced bread! The funny thing is, they are the same size. He's running and jumping and climbing and is everywhere and Berkley is still walking like a little robot. Jake turned 1 in June so he is older! She was just in complete awe of him! We'll definitely have to go back over and play soon. Thanks Sarah for the unofficial play date. Brock made it clear he wants to come back over!

Brock picked out his Halloween costume yesterday. Of all things, he chose BATMAN! It has the muscular chest on the costume and it's adorable on him. He wore it forever last night and didn't want to take it off!!! I ordered Berkley's last night from I have ordered A LOT OF STUFF from that site and I absolutely LOVE it! It's all handmade stuff and is fantastic. Here is a picture of what Berkley is going to wear! I'm a sucker for tutu's. What could be better...a cowgirl tutu dress with a hat!!! I have also ordered Berkley 2 peasant dresses (one is a Halloween print), two pinafores and another pillowcase dress. I got the pillowcase dress on sale for $9.99!!! I couldn't believe it! That site is amazing. It makes me wish I could sew!

Anyhow, I hope you ALL have a lovely day. I have to get up again and do more stuff! I think I'll make lunch now! I believe some mac and cheese is in order!

Much love,

I noticed something...I repeat myself a lot. I will write something in a blog and have already mentioned it in the previous blog...ah, the brain of a mother! What's that called? Momnesia!

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