Sunday, October 5, 2008


Berk is walking everywhere. The middle of last week, she just took off. Still a little wobbly at times but she is now preferring walking over crawling. She has also discovered the kitchen drawers with the whisks and wooden spoons in them. Greg likes to call her a little t-rex walking around with her arms all up and short looking!!!

This evening, Brock and I went shopping! He got two new pair of tennis shoes. I on the otherhand got two pair of tall Ugg Classic Sheepskin Boots (chocolate and black), 4 dresses, a shirt and a pair of jeans which I LOVE!!! Then we ventured to Toys R Us and Brock got two new games for his Nintendo DS since he doesn't have too many. We had a good time!

We also took a family trip to Jackson's Orchard on Saturday! Here are the pictures. My sorority sister, Melissa, took the photos. She did a great job!

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Kendra said...

My oldest has a Nintendo DS and loves it. He and my husband love to play Smash brothers. Good times! :)

Yay for walking. I miss those days.
And the photos are great. So sweet and adorable.

Hope you are having a lovely week sweetie.