Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More fever

Brock got up this morning with a fever of 102.3 which is the highest it has been so far. His symptoms seem a little better so I'm not really sure what the problem is. Mom and I got a good dose of Motrin down him and it is finally coming down. He hasn't been eating but we've managed to get some chocolate milk (when the fever is gone) and a lot of water down him. I slept a lot after the doctor yesterday and mom stayed so I could rest during the night. Thank God for her. I really needed that. I feel a little better but not up to par. I'm afraid that once I start to feel better, it will come back like Brock's sickness. I wish I knew what this is! My doctor said I had a fever which would explain the aching. I got a z-pack and he sent me on my way. No diagnosis as usual. If I hadn't been seeing him since I was 17 years old, I would switch doctors.
Pray that Berkley doesn't get sick. Greg and I are supposed to go to Gatlinburg this weekend and if Berkley gets sick, there's no way we can go. That isn't the issue really, I just don't want her to get this too.
I think Greg is coming home sometime today...let's hope that goes well as some things in life just aren't going to well right at this point in time. I'll leave it at that.
Our dog at mom and dad's, Kane is going to be put to sleep on Friday if he makes it until then. There is a vet that does house calls just for this. He is just too fragile and in too much pain to be loaded up and taken to the vet. She does it very painless as she puts him to sleep first. Kind of like what would happen if he was to have surgery. Then she gives him the euthanasia med. I will not be present. I've had one dog put down and won't go through that again. I will miss him terribly. He's been a part of the family since he was 6 weeks old and now he is 8 years old. Sad day. Mom was rushing home to check on him. He hasn't drank at all and will take one lap of water if you take the pan to him. He hasn't moved in days. It is all so sad.
Anyhow, Berkley is starting to fuss.
Much love to all.

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh I hope your boy starts to feel better and that no one else gets it.