Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The culprit is...

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Brock has had fever most of today. At it's highest today it reached 102.3 and he complained about his mouth more and more. Tried motrin but he gets so upset he actually threw up everything in his stomach all over me when I tried giving it to him. Needless to say we have started feverall suppositories. He was upset when I gave it to him and told me I hurt his butt and he needed to spank mine!!! Naturally, I let him. After all, I felt like I had violated his little bottom!I called the doctor and she had left so I left a message for the doctor on call. He never called so I called him around 5:00 p.m. After describing his symptoms now and noticing he has a rash on his cheeks, he said he would put money on hand, foot and mouth disease. You can check that one out on the CDC website. It's very common but is viral so you have to let it run its course. Also, it causes blisters in your mouth and mom noticed one in his cheek. He hasn't been eating and hasn't been drinking much so if he isn't better tomorrow, back to the doctor. Poor baby! Apparently adults can get it too. Doc said to try to keep them as separate as I can and to make sure that the kiddos don't share anything at all. He said this has been a REAL ISSUE for the last 2 weeks and he has seen it time after time in his patients. One day of preschool and he won't be returning. The program was only for 6-2 1/2 hour sessions and he has already missed 4 of them. Greg and I won't be home on Monday so he won't go then because mom isn't sure of the location, drop-off, policies, rules, etc... $90.00 down the drain. Not so excited about that one. I think I deserve a refund...after all, he contracted this horrid thing from some nasty little child at the preschool.

Anyhow, on a lighter note, Berkley has started to dance. When Alvin and the Chipmunks sing, she will rock back and forth or will bounce up and down. It is the cutest thing. Today was also the first day she cruised. She was in her playpen standing and she walked almost halfway around it!!! YEAH!

Here is a video of her little "dance" while playing with Nana and Brock's Thomas the Train computer!


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