Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When it rains, it pours. I believe that 3's are worse than the terrible 2's and I've heard that 4's are worse than 3's. Brock has been doing very well. I think he is going stir crazy in the house. It has been very hot and we've been staying inside a lot. Plus, it never fails that when he wants to go outside, Berkley is asleep and we have to stay in. WE HAVE TO START GETTING INTO MORE ACTIVITIES...AND GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE.

Anyhow, last week when Greg was home, Brock had taken a piece of crayon and written all over the front of one side of the NEW stainless. Greg tried numerous things to get it off and ended up at Wal-Mart to get more stainless steel cleaner. It took some time but worked. We had a talk with Brock. Anyhow, last night was just the icing on the cake. Greg is back in Memphis so I'm flying solo. I had decided to not let Brock use my new laptop since he was pretty rough with the other one. He ripped some of the keys off which I wasn't able to get back on. Anyhoo, as I was giving Berkley her bath last night and Brock was using my computer. He had been doing great with it and I thought he understood the rules. All of a sudden, I heard my computer hit the floor. He decided he wanted to watch Berkley's bath and just pushed it over in the floor. When I finished the bath and got her lotion and clothes on, I came in and discovered he had pulled the "g" key off. I finally found it and gave him a verbal thrashing. He knew I meant business. I was soooooo completely stressed at this point. IT DOESN'T END HERE...As I walk past the NEW FLAT SCREEN HD TELEVISION, I saw something. Low and behold there were crayon marks on the front of it...all over the front of it and he had actually dug the crayon on it, because some marks were thick. I completely lost it! I did what I normally would have done, I spanked his leg and gave him another stern, verbal talk. (I hate to spank btw but it does get his attention occasionally...and I don't do it a I'm not a child beater and it didn't even hurt apparently because he didn't flinch.) Among many things, I explained to him that he was NOT to ever touch the television again. I got the special cloth and TV cleaner and started trying to get it off. After about 20 mins, I believe I got all off. I was so frustrated, frazzled and near a breakdown. I called Greg and was upset and said it had been a horrid night. He asked why and I told him about the television. He said some choice words and said "That's ___________ it. If you can't watch him any better than that..." I cut him off and explained I was giving Berkley a bath. He said he didn't care, that I was to take him in the bathroom with me...etc. So now it's my fault?! Then he asked if I got it off and I told him yes. He said he was not going to have a kid that destroys stuff. I understand all of that...I listened for a minute and began bawling and just hung up on him. I haven't talked to him yet. Really, all I needed was support from my partner and someone to talk to. I was sobbing by this point. I called my mom and she gave me the support I needed. As I began to cry, Brock knew that he had upset me very badly. That made me feel even worse because he was in my lap saying "don't cry mommy, I'll make you happy. I'll make you smile." I explained to him again the rules of the house, no writing, blah blah." He definitely got the point during my breakdown.

Anyhow, I hope every one's night was better than mine. I am okay today. Just waiting to see what adventures motherhood brings for this day.

As my friend Sue's daughter would say, "INHALE, OUTHALE!"

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