Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Good morning from sunny Kentucky.

Caseigh and Nolan came over last night and stayed for a few hours. It was really nice to have company. Berkley and Nolan are so cute together. He is always trying to steal her passie, even if he has his own! He decided last night that he was going to take her passie but had to grab her so he pulled her hair. She squalled and we laughed. She was very timid last night and every time Caseigh would look at her, she would pucker up and give me that pitiful cry. She finally warmed up at the end. I wish I had my camera (well, I did but I was holding her and couldn't take pics) because as they were leaving, Nolan gave her kisses. Then she decided she would kiss him so she grabbed him and all open mouthed and leaned in. It was the cutest thing! Nolan smiled when she planted it on him!

Other than that, nothing is really going on. She wouldn't sleep in her bed last night for some reason and was very clingy so she slept with me and Brock. That is always interesting. She's in her bed now and has been since about 5am.

I must go and do something. I'm getting sleepy sitting here!


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Kendra said...

I love the name Nolan, it is my Superhero's name!

Sounds like they had a lot of fun together.