Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The end of the day.

It's time to go to bed and I have to say the day was better. We got out of the house and ventured to Caseigh's to play with Nolan. I got to meet her friend Jamie who was very nice too. We stayed for a bit. I do have to admit I was a bit frustrated because Brock was being loud and would not settle down and was all over her house. I just get so paranoid that he is bothering someone or he is getting on their nerves. I know, I shouldn't do that. If anyone has any advice, let me know. I believe it is all my fault. When he was a baby, I didn't take him too many places. New mom phobia...germs, nerves, etc. He doesn't destroy other people's property, he just gets very excited and squeals and runs around and interrupts grown-up conversation. But then he turns around and he is the sweetest kid I have ever met in my life...he is even very sweet when interrupting too. I don't know. I just need to quit worrying so much and I need to quit worrying about what others think. I do want to raise a great human being nonetheless.

He was sitting at mom's dinner table tonight and out of nowhere he said "Nana, I'm a cute turd." It was the funniest thing I have ever heard. It is amazing what kids can come up with these days!!!! If that's the worst he is going to say then I'm good to go. Actually, that's not the worst. My papaw and Brock were in the garden about 2 weeks ago and papaw was very upset about the bugs on the tomato plants. Papaw said "DAMN BUGS!" Brock said, "Oh, no, damn bugs. Papaw, you have to kill the damn bugs!!!" It was hilarious! Brock thought a damn bug was a type of bug! We laughed hysterically on the inside and left it at that. We have heard nothing more about the damn bugs.

He has also picked up from Granny, "SHOOT FIRE!" Instead, he says "Shoot Faaar!" It's funny with that Kentucky twang to it! I'll have to get it on video. We have also tried to enforce the using of "God". We say, "Oh Jeez" or "Oh Gosh" or "Oh Man" or something to that effect. Mom got a new light in her kitchen. Brock came in and saw the light and said with his hands on his hips, "Oh Gaaaawsh!" Priceless. He was very serious as he contemplated the change in the kitchen.

Man, I love my kiddos. They are perfect.

So, it seems as my frustrations have been released in this blog. Frustration of trying to balance 2 children alone during the week. After telling all the great things about my sweet little pumpkin pie (Brock) I do feel relieved. Ahhh! Did I mention I love blogging?

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Natalie Jane said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!