Saturday, February 25, 2012

Short Lived

This could very well be a short lived thing, coming back to blogging but I thought I would give it another shot.  **Thank you Amy for the push!!!**  I find as the kids get older, it's harder to just sit and type, though I somehow find time to surf facebook.

Brock has been sick for about 6 days now with some kind of mean upper respiratory bug.  He's now taking steroids, antibiotics, an inhaler, nose spray, cough syrup and Tylenol for the fever.  Poor kid.  He missed 4 days of school this week.  *SIGH*  Berkley has the horrible cough too.  Speaking of school, our Brock is a wiz!  He's excelling in everything imaginable and is reading over a 4th grade level while in the first grade!  Wow!

Berkley started pre-school where Brock used to go.  We didn't start her at the beginning of the year (August) because she was struggling with UTI's and issues.  She finally started in January and the first day was fine.  We decided to move her to another class which was more on her level because she had never been in school and also a smaller class size.  Needless to say we had 2 weeks of "terribleness".  She cried and begged and pleaded for me to take her with me and for me to not leave.  They would have to peel her away from me.  I waited around in the hallway to make sure she was fine and she surely was.  She LOVES school now and wants to go more than twice a week!  Whew!

Greg and I were married for 8 years in January.  We hope to plan a real honeymoon at some point and also hope to get to take the kids to Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida soon.  We haven't been on a vacation together nor have we had a family vacation either.

I have lost around 30 pounds!!!  Around a year and four months ago, I stopped taking antidepressants that I had been on for years and years.  The weight started to fall off.  I weigh around 110 now which I haven't seen before my wedding day 8 years ago!  I actually went to see a plastic surgeon this past Thursday to consult with him regarding a mini tummy tuck. I'm so sick of the bulging pregnant looking stomach and the extra hanging, sagging skin.  (I'm well aware that not a lot of people feel I shouldn't do this or even think about it, but my body, my decision!)  He checked me out and said I'm actually NOT a candidate for a mini and that I'd have to have a full one done (hip bone to hip bone).  A mini deals with the muscles below the belly button only.  I actually have muscle separation from underneath my bra all the way down.  He said "THAT NO AMOUNT OF SIT UPS WOULD CHANGE MY BELLY!!!"  That was nice to hear seeing as I've heard, "just do some situps" from Greg.  (haha honey...told you.)  The surgery is very lengthy, taking 3 hours, and the recovery would be very tough.  I pretty much had my mind made up going in but now I'm really considering many more things.  I have to make sure the kids will be cared for and that recovery doesn't involve me missing out on anything with the kids or regarding the kids.  It is possible that if I decide to do this, I may have it done in April, but may wait until Winter before I have it done.  Just have many things to go over.  With Greg working out of town and not being here most of the time, the burden of child care and taking care of me will fall on Granny or my mom, so I have to clear scheduling with them as well.

I hope everyone in the blogging world is well.  I'm going to try to update and post some pictures since I'm about a year and a half behind!

Take care,

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