Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Papaw...

As the kids get older, I find myself getting busier and with less time to do the things that I enjoyed.  I'm not complaining though.  It's so amazing to see these little people transform in what seems to be overnight, into happy, healthy, whole individuals.  Brock is now 6 years old and is in Kindergarten.  He is excelling in school!  So much, that they are testing his reading level within the next week to see what grade level he is actually on.  He reads all the Kindergarten material like it's a breeze and almost like it's boring!  Berkley is hell on wheels but I love every minute of it!  She has such a fun and care free personality and is stuck to me like glue!My grandfather, one of the loves of my life, passed away on Christmas Eve night.  He suffered from some liver problems and it finally shut down on him.  We knew it was coming but not that quickly.  They called in Hospice and he only had them coming to the house for around 2 days before he passed.  He was always there for me.  ALL.MY.LIFE!!!  All I have now are the memories, and I can say that they were all good.  He was my biggest supporter and up until his death, I would still crawl up in his lap and he would rock me.  I miss him so much and I still cry every day because he isn't here.  I know time will heal but his memory remains in my mind and heart forever.  One of the toughest things right now is dealing with the kids.  Brock tells me all the time he misses his papaw and Berkley says that she wants papaw to be with us and to come to Granny's house.  She says he is with the angels in heaven.  It's almost like she has hope that he will come back to Granny and back to us (insert tears...).  It does seem to give her a sense of peace, that he is with the angels.  Brock has had a harder time because he knows he isn't coming back.  It's just sad.  I knew this would happen some day, of course.  As my grandparents get (got) older, it is inevitable...we are all here to die.  I still have Granny and she is precious.  She is my best friend.  Unfortunately, her care taker, life partner, best friend and soul mate isn't here anymore....  At least I have her, I'd just love to have them both.  Someday, I know I'll be with him again.  My worst feer now, is losing Granny.All in all, life is good and I will try hard to update more, if anyone out there is still reading.Love,Crystal

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