Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy has the preschool blues...

I can't believe tomorrow is Brock's LAST day of preschool! I have gotten really comfortable with him being at his "church school" and I hate to see him take the leap into kindergarten! I REALLY AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!! I have already cried and school doesn't start until August 4th. Mark your calendars....Crystal will be a mess anywhere near that time!

Brock's preschool program is Thursday night so I will post some pics after the show!

BTW, I have a new follower!!! I am totally stoked about it! I am a terrible blogger!!! Check our her at Pretty Personal Gifts!!! There is a link to her store there. She creates some beautiful items and has some for everyone!!!

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Pretty Personal Gifts said...

Thank you Crystal. I saw a comment that you posted on another blog and I liked what you wrote. I won't go into what it was, but you said what I was thinking! I'm happy to be following you and I can relate to what you are going through with PRE-K / K. Been there! It does get easier and it just brings on more fun and more friends for the kids. It's all good! Hang in there!