Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get Real Girls...

How do I put this nicely? I love designer things but my pocketbook doesn't love them at all. I work 1/2 time, take care of 2 kids and I have a husband. We own our home...a simple home in the community I grew up in. I put my family first and not myself...even though the hubby does let me splurge now and again. One of the regular blogs I read posted about how she wears high end designers with PAYLESS SHOES. OH MY!!! Come on now. Are people really that vain and materialistic? As if it is just horrible to get a steal of a deal on something. Sounds to me like the world is full of spoiled brats!!! I'm not jealous. I just don't want to be that ugly of a person. I also care about more than myself and my mommy and daddy don't pay my bills. And who calls their mother at the age of 20 something Mommy???

Anyhoo, just wanted to vent! I will continue to read the blogs that I read and I will laugh quietly to myself and wait for karma to bite them in the butts!!!


I'll have another one, please! said...

A little off the subject but I like what you wrote on anothers blog comment section. Way to go for writing/doing what is right!
For more read my post today. :)

Chloe said...

how sweet of you. I'm not sure karma has anything to do with it.