Monday, April 13, 2009

Sit here or exercise?

I think I'd much rather sit here than exercise. I have got to get off my large booty and start doing something. My friend over at My Delightful Obsessions started using the elliptical machine and she got slim and trim and even more beautiful! She makes gorgeous jewelry btw. Check out the link to her etsy store from her site. Anyone know where I can get an elliptical for cheap??

We had a really fun Easter! Brock and Berkley got waaaay too much stuff as usual. They were sooooo cute in their Easter outfits too!

He's so cute...I just can't get enough of him and his sweetness!

They love each other...most of the time!

He was so excited about his TON of eggs!

Berkley actually, really got into it!!!

Posing on mom and dad's porch swing!

Much love to all.

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CandiDurbin said...

they are very cute in their easter outfits!!!