Friday, April 17, 2009

4 people and random blurbs!

4 people love and follow me! Yay!

I just won two dresses on Ebay for Berkley. They are little cotton knit everyday dresses from Lands End. They are normally priced for 19.00 and I got them brand new for $4.99 each! What a deal! I have also bid on some Nike shorts for Brock for like 3.00! Brand new and very cheap! I also won a brand new pair of American Eagle Jeans for $15.50 regularly $49.99! I have become somewhat a queen of bargain shopping these days!

Getting ready to plan our vacation! A real vacation for mommy and daddy...only! I can't wait!!! Greg and I won't know what to do with ourselves. Aruba? Jamaica? St. Thomas? St. Lucia? It's definitely going to be somewhere like that! Hopefully June!? I don't even care when...just as long as it is soon! I'm giddy just thinking about it! If you are reading this honey bunny, I can't wait to spend ALONE time with you with no worries! Mom and Dad will keep the kiddos while we go on our adventure! We aren't doing the whole family vacation thing until the kiddos get a little older. Then we plan on doing Disney. Berkley isn't a good traveler and Brock wouldn't really remember a cool vaca just yet. Brock will actually be more likely to travel with us in the near future than Berkley. We want him or both of them to enjoy themselves. I think it is just miserable to take kids to a strange place and actually try to enjoy yourself!

Anyhoo, I'm trying to watch "Nights in Rodanthe." I read the book years ago and LOVED it! The movie is a little slow but nice so far.

Mucho love to all,


CandiDurbin said...

I'm so jealous of your alone time vacation with NO kids! Have fun and post pics!!!

Jenni said...

I totally agree with you on the traveling thing. J and I took X on a vaca when he was 2=== not a whole lot of fun. When he was 4 he had a great time in Chattanooga and STILL remembers that trip. C would not travel well at this point, but X is at the funnest age for traveling and really enjoying things. That same thought process about wanting the kiddos to be able to remember a cool vaca is why we're just taking X to Disney next summer. C will only be 3 1/2.

And as for mommy and daddy only trips... HECK YEAH! We need them for a recharge. Whether it's a two and a half hour drive, or a 6 1/2 hour flight. :)