Friday, March 20, 2009

Diva in Training...

Berkley got her new shoes in that we ordered from The Polka Dot Door. They are too small but she won't take them off. Watch the video and you'll see why! They are hot pink patent leather and they...

SQUEAK!!! Wee Squeaks are the best kids shoes. They ensure that your child is walking correctly...heel to toe! I ordered hers from The Polka Dot Door. You can also find them online at If you live here in will find it cheaper to get them there and not pay shipping!

Brock starts soccer tomorrow! We are so excited for him. Tonight is haircut night. He has to have this mop buzzed before he can play because he gets very very hot and the hair is not helping matters! Brock has decided that he wants a hamster. I think the Easter Bunny might bring him the hamster or maybe a bird. I think birds are better...and when they bite, they don't hurt as bad as a hamster! He was so cute the other day when we went to the park. He was begging to get one because he wants to name it buddy! I miss my little parakeet, YZ. He was such a nice bird and so much fun!

Everything else seems to be going well enough. I'm still having trouble with my arms, hands and elbows but because of out insurance deductible, the test costs $479.00 and that isn't going to happen right now! Life goes on I suppose.

Hope everyone is doing well. If this video would ever finish uploading, I would actually be finished with this post!!!

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