Thursday, November 6, 2008

...Fun times...

Monday through today, we had monitors at work from our biggest funding source in the office doing an "audit." We do everything by this corporations standards so they come to check on our work and make suggestions based on our visit. So far, we received RAVE reviews and everything went really well. They were very kind to us and we enjoyed having them...even though it was a bit stressful. Today at 4:30 is the celebration! Several of us are gathering at a local restaurant for drinks and to wind down. I am actually going! They go every Thursday and I don't normally get to go but mom said she would watch the kids so I could go for a couple of hours. Of course I invited Greg to go along and really wanted him to but he didn't seem so jazzed about it and has "other responsibilities" to take care of; even though as we speak, he is asleep on the couch. Sounds more important than spending fun time with his wife, huh? ANYHOW...I have tried to get him to meet my co-workers several times to no avail. Sometimes I just think that if it isn't what he wants to do or if it isn't something he's interested in, he doesn't want to go. It's not golf and it's not his friends so he opts out...but he won't watch the kids either. This isn't the case all the time but is tonight. Generally, he is super dad and he does watch the kids and is very accommodating!!! Sometimes there is unfortunately no compromise! He is really great to me...I can't complain. I only need to vent from time to time.

ANYWAY...there's one more thing that is annoying me. Greg, his dad, his brother and friend have planned a fishing trip to Canada next year...all without me knowing in the beginning. The only way I found out about it was because I checked his email and read all about it. What do I think about that? I'll tell you. I have YET to have a real vacation with my husband. I have yet to really do anything with my husband and he is going to go gallivanting off to Canada for no telling how long with no phone service (unless he pays out the wazoo for it). So, of course, I was not happy and expressed that to him. Let's put it this way...we will be going on a real vacation somewhere tropical before the fishing trip next August. ALSO, I'm aggravated by the fact that they are calling all the time about the trip. It's like a year away. Why so pressed to talk about it right now and like everyday? It's all just annoying. No, I don't mind that his friends and family call...that's not the issue. It's just like the fishing trip has become some kind of obsession and I'm tired of hearing about it...PERIOD.

Next step...figure out where GREG and I are going on vacation. Maybe St. Lucia? I'm not sure! I do know that I am very excited and I can't wait! It has been 8 years since I've seen the ocean and that is waaaaay too long.

Much love to's time to go out!!!

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Ashley said...

We went to Sandal's Resort this past year and I TOTALLY recommend it. We went to Montego Bay in Jamaica and b/c we watched the site closely, we got 40-50% off...and it's all inclusive and OHSONIcE! I think we went out there for like 5K and that included airfare I believe (airfare was expensive) alcohol and other drinks and food. And, there was food available at almost any hour...And, during regular eating hours you could go to fancy restaurants...PLUS you could skip around to other sandals resorts for FREE on the island. Major cool. I'm shutting up now, ask me if you want more info haha ;)