Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Circus

Brock and I went to the circus last night...Barnum & Bailey Boom a Ring. We had soooo much fun!!! Brock just turned four years old and the last time I had been to the circus, I was also 4 years old. We had GREAT seats and were right near the ring side. We were around 10 feet from the performers and the ELEPHANTS!!!! We did leave at Intermission because at that point, it was already after 8pm and he seemed to be losing interest. We missed the tigers but that's okay!

Let's just wasn't cheap. Since it was his first time, I let him buy several things. The twirly light up thingy, which was I believe $15. Popcorn for $6.00; A decked out stuffed elephant for...hold your breath...$35; not to mention the picture we took together which was $16; the cotton candy with a big top hat for $15; AND, the $10 snow cone that came in a really cool elephant. That doesn't include what I pd for tickets.

It was all great fun though and well worth it to see the smile and amazement on his face. Here are the pics! Notice my little volunteer! He has the red shirt on.

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