Sunday, September 14, 2008

Berkley is 1 year old!

We had Berkley's Birthday party yesterday at my mom's house. It was a huge success and we had several princesses there with her to celebrate. (As well as some prince's too...hehe).

I can't believe it has been a whole year...SERIOUSLY! It's been a year since I went through the excruciating pain of labor without an epidural (they denied me an epi because Mr. Anesthesiologist said my platelets were too low and I'd bleed in my spine and die or have to have back surgery. Come to find out --the next morning-- the whole hospital's protocal was changed because I COULD HAVE HAD my epi because the way the blood results printed made it look like they were too low.) It was horrid at the time BUT I wouldn't have had it any other way. Immediately after delivery, I felt GREAT!!! The feeling of not knowing about her little kidney is of course still present in my mind today. Luckily, the kidney specialist at Vandy has started to schedule her 6 months out. We go for another kidney check on the 30th and if it is even better, he will probably schedule us 1 year out. With the fluid on her kidney from 5 months inutero, to birth, we are so lucky and thankful that it just gets better and better and better!!! We are also thankful that this condition is not life threatening AND she has not suffered any urinary trace infections. We really DO have so much to be thankful for. Thank you GOD.

It is amazing being a mother. I admit it has its moments of course but even though some would not admit that, it is very true! I am so blessed for my two beautiful, healthy children and I wouldn't trade the moments I have with them for anything in this world! Oh, and I am so lucky to have Greggie-Poo. He is amazing too..tee hee hee.

Here are Berkley's pics! I will get to posting Brock's very soon! I promise!

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