Friday, August 29, 2008

Too long!

Started this one on Friday, August 29th!
What a day, what a day! It has been too long since I've blogged. So much has happened.

Last Saturday, August 23rd, Berkley took her first assisted step. I bought her a push/walk behind toy. I stood her up behind it and she just took off walking around the house. She doesn't do it much and doesn't walk alone but she wants to so badly. It was precious!

She has been sick with fever and green snot. What a pain she is just to wipe her nose. She hates to have her clothes changed. If she doesn't want you to do it then it's out!!! She then commences to throwing out her back and screaming and bucking like a wild horse! Her hair is really growing too. At her doctor's appointment, she weighed 21.4 pounds!

Brock is now sick too. Daddy and I took him to the doctor this morning. When we got there, he had a fever of 103.6. He tested positive for strep. Instead of 10 days of antibiotics which is impossible to get down him, he got one ginormous shot of penicillin. It was horrible. Thank God for Greg being home right now. I don't know how I would have done that. Brock wouldn't even get up and walk his little body ached so badly.

On a more positive side, my baby boy turns 4 YEARS OLD on Tuesday. I can't believe 4 years have already gone by!!! He's celebrating on Saturday with his friends and family at Imagination Station. They have huge inflatables inside a building and he loves it there!!!!

On another positive note, Berkley turns 1 year old on Saturday September 13th!!! It's been one year since I labored so hard with no epidural and screamed my head off! I just can't believe a whole year has passed. It's hard to believe that she isn't a baby anymore and we aren't having anymore little tiny babies!!! Berkley will be having her party at my mom and dad's house like Brock's first birthday! She is having a princess/ballerina party and she is wearing the following handmade outfit!!! I will post pictures shortly!

Tuesday, August 30, 2008

Greg is playing an early round of golf today. He skipped out on his poker game last night to stay home and take care of me and the kiddos. Berkley's not really sick anymore (knock on wood) but Brock and I feel rotten. At one point last night, he and I were both in the bed, each with a laptop. It was amusing I'm sure! From the time we got home from the doctor (noon), he didn't move last night. He was on the couch or in the bed and was carried from point a to point b. He said he couldn't move his leg (the huge shot).

I really can't believe the kiddos birthdays are coming up. It really stinks for our friends and family that the birthdays are 2 weeks apart. With the way they fall, Brock's party should be labor day weekend but everyone always has plans so we plan it for the weekend after. That means, Berkley's falls the weekend after Brock's party. Next year we will plan Berkley's for the weekend after so they will again be 2 weeks apart. It's hard for people to dedicate one weekend after the other to our parties. So, one of the kids will get shafted. Sad day.

Unfortunately, I had to miss my first day of work yesterday. I felt so bad. Mom called and said that he had a fever and was very sick but she planned on taking him to the doctor. I was about to get into the shower and she called frantic because he was projectile vomiting and she needed me down there because he was so sick. (He had spent the night with them.) I called and left messages at work for my HR lady and for my supervising attorney. I then called back after my appointment and spoke with our afternoon receptionist and tried explaining what was going on and for some reason she just doesn't understand anything I tell her. I told her around 4 times that WE ARE ALL SICK, including Greg and she just didn't catch on until about the 5th time. She was relaying what I was saying to our HR lady and was very vague in her explanation. UGH.
They are having issues with her at work (and I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means) but she has been there 2 days less than me and she keeps screwing stuff up which I end up fixing. She doesn't complete her work or she does it wrong and I have been fixing it. In the beginning, I didn't mind and I still don't mind but I wanted to make sure she wasn't getting credit for everything. I spoke nicely with our HR lady about it via email and she was happy I said something about it. She said she was not picking up on things like I was and was a little slower about stuff but eventually she would have to complete her work and she wanted me to keep her updated. The Legal Assistants (who will only put up with mistakes for so long) have brought several files back for her to fix and also said she needed to pick things up faster. FOR REAL! It's been a month. I have actually verbally explained things to her before and she honest to goodness just doesn't get it!!! To make things EVEN WORSE, I have around 8 years of legal experience, an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies and seeing that she is the smartest person in the world, she left her pay stub laying on the desk, which is against our policy and she makes 50 cents more per hour than I. I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes, she is older...probably in her 40's and had a lot of experience as a Receptionist but her abilities are very limited. I just couldn't believe that. I'm hoping my hard work will reflect in my raise come evaluation time.
Anyhow, I could go on and on about that.

Off to my daily duties. Brock is up and he seems to be feeling MUCH better!

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