Sunday, August 24, 2008

snot and good friends

Well....we are all sick. Brock had a snotty nose and it was clear. I thought it was allergies. Then, mom because sick with a bunch of snot....not clear. Now, Berkley has a fever and so much yellow snot in her nose, she can't breathe and is completely miserable. The doc has called her in a decongestant for me to pick up. Poor baby. Her fever made it up to 102 but broke. Let's hope it stays down.

Anyhow...this has been a pretty eventful month I think. I started talking to a friend from many many years ago. She and I used to be very close and many things kept us apart but we are now in the process of rebuilding our friendship and it's so nice to have her back in my life. :-) Unfortunately (well, she initiated it for many reasons so I guess it is a good thing) she is going through a divorce. We'll leave at that because I'm not airing any one's laundry but my own. I care for her so much and I am so happy she's back. My kiddos and her kiddo can finally play together again! That's me on the left.

My job is going well. I absolutely LOVE the people I work with. We had a United Way Campaign kickoff party at the office on Thursday. We closed the office down from 3 to 5pm, had food, drinks and drawings for prizes!!! FUN! I didn't win anything but Daniel was nice enough to give me his gift certificate to eat at a local restaurant.

Brock is getting ready to turn 4 years old! WHAT!? Yes...4! I can't believe it at all. :) Seriously. Time flies. We are having his party at Imagination Station this year. It should be a blast. Berkley will have her party at mom and dad's house. She is having a princess type pink party! I ordered her outfit from and it is toooo cute. She will be wearing a pink, fuchsia and white tutu with a white bubble sleeve onesie with a crown applique embroidered on it and her name embroidered in the middle of the crown. On her head she will be wearing a pink crochet headband with a big pink peony flower on it and jewels in the center of the flower!!! I'll post pics. The lady I wanted to do the cake suddenly stopped doing cakes so I don't know what I will do. I really really wanted a cake from her...AND, I really wanted Brock's cake from her too. Of course, he wants Thomas again. The local bakery and Wal-Mart don't do the cakes that I want!!!!!! I want the 2 tier with fondant....etc.

Anyhow, I'm jumping off here. Much love to you all. Oh, and thanks to all the people I don't actually know for comments. My own friends don't even comment on here anymore!

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