Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brickyard Bound

It's 3:42 a.m. and I'm up. Have to start getting ready to leave! Indy is about 5 hours north of us and is an hour! I'm wearing my dry cotton shorts (they absorb moisture) because I know it will be hot as heck!!! No makeup...because it will melt off and a tank that I don't mind spilling a little beer on. Or Jack Daniels. Not because I'll be drinking it but it never fails that the awesome pack of rednecks that are sitting behind you will spill it on you! I'm not saying anything bad about rednecks because that is my heritage but I'm sure it will be amusing!!! Never a dull moment at Nascar! Definitely looking forward to the covered seats at the start/finish line! I'm hoping to catch a glance of Kasey Kahne! WUHU!!!
Well, I should probably chug my cup of coffee and get ready for the road. We are driving Greg's new truck! I have DVD's packed and ready so Mom and I have some entertainment in the back!
Much love to all and I'm sure I'll have some interesting pics to post!
BTW, where has Guitar Hero been all this time??? I knew my life was missing a little something and that was it. I am completely and totally addicted! Even though I can't play anything above EASY mode! HA! We decided to go ahead and purchase it yesterday and it's a blast!!!

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