Sunday, June 1, 2008

She's growing up and a fun family day!

Berkley has started crawling. It was army style at first but is now knee after knee. She's not the fastest as she's still trying to get the hang of it...but, if she sees something she wants, she gets to it! I can't believe she's that big! It's just a matter of days before she doesn't want to be held anymore and wants down! She has also started pulling up. If she can't get all the way up, she at least gets on her knees. Last night, Greg was folding clothes and she pulled up to the coffee table (which is a no-no because of all the boo boo's Brock had from it) and daddy sat her on the floor next to it. What do ya think happened next. POP! She hit her little head on the coffee table. She held her breath like she was dying. In all actuality, she just had a red spot above her goose egg. THANK GOD! We are going to have to move the coffee table out. Brock wasn't crawling and pulling up this early so he was more stable when he started to do it. She pulls up and tries to bounce up and down (she looks like she's dancing!)and then she smacks her hands on whatever it is and forgets to hold on!

We had a really big day yesterday. We started off by going to the Southern Kentucky Bluegrass Jet Jam (like model planes except bigger.) Brock had a great time and we actually saw a mid-air crash. After that, we went to get Berkley from Granny's and headed up to Shanty Hollow Lake and walked around for a bit. On our way home we saw Cody and Tanner playing in the yard so we stopped and Brock played with them for quite a while. Once home, Cody and Tanner's dad called and Greg and Brock headed out in the bucket truck to go to their equine facility (Hunt's Bend Equine Facility) to fix some speakers. Apparently Brock got to test out the microphone and loud speaker. He was so excited. Greg said he was saying "Daddy, what are you doing Daddy." Needless to say, he fell asleep shortly after he got home!!!

I hope everyone is well. I'm going to try to keep up with my posts a lot better. I'm not sure how though. Unless I get a new computer. Had a little mishap last night with the laptop. It was open on the floor and Berkley got to it. Just as she got to it, she spit up (a whole lot) all over it and now the mouse pad doesn't work. I can move the mouse but can't click on anything. Not too sure what to do about that!

Have a great day all.


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