Monday, May 12, 2008


It has struck again in someone you wouldn't expect at dog. He's resided at my parent's house for 8 years now. We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he is now 8 year old. Shortly after getting him, I became allergic to dogs. :-( He had something wrong with his shoulder and they took him in. They first thought he sprained his shoulder. After 2 more weeks of not getting better, mom took him in on Friday and they did an x-ray. The doctor looked at it this morning and said that it is 90% sarcoma and has spread to his lungs. The mass in his lung is huge. We could amputate his leg (above the shoulder) but the doctor requires 8 rounds of chemo afterward...$900 a pop. He said it might prolong his life for 2 years. We aren't going to do that to him. As a farm dog, amputation just isn't an option. Mom is going to get him today and bring him home. The doctor said he might go quickly but if he didn't, we would know when it is time to put him down. This is very painful for him so they are medicating him and keeping him at home. I believe when it is time to put him down, they are also going to do it at home.

This is so sad for us. It might just be a dog, but Kane isn't an ordinary dog! Mom and Dad will know when it is time for him to go. Sad day.

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