Monday, April 28, 2008

Sick of being sick!

I have now been sick for 3 weeks and I'm SICK OF IT!!! Nasty cough with snot and runny nose. I am going to the doctor today.

Mom2 (Greg's mom) comes on Wednesday. That should be a really fun day! Brock and I are picking her up at the airport and then going to Opry Mills Mall! Brock will have his first experience with Build-A-Bear with Grammy! She took the girls the first time and wants to take him. I can't wait. I believe we are going to eat at one of the aquarium restaurants too. FUN!

Anyhow, I have a friend coming to help clean the house today. It still isn't ready for company.

Hope everyone is well.



Heather Renee said...

Sorry you're feeling crudy! I was sick the whole last 3 weeks of pregnancy, it was horrible!! Brock will love the Build a Bear! Hope you get better...


PS: I love the videos of Berkley!!

Heather Renee said...

I did the growth chart by just going to the edit and adding a "text" and just typed it all in there and you can place it where ever you want it on your page...hope that makes sense, I'm new to this site...I forget how I do things..LOL


PS: I go back to work sometime in June.