Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm BAAAAK!!! I think.

I know you are thinking "whoopie--she never really talked about anything interesting anyway..." I've had bloggers block or something. I really loved blogging about this and that but life has been so nuts lately that most of the time I fall asleep sitting up at the computer. The recliner is comfie...I just can't help it. I finally have my laptop back. After months of no keys, I took it in to the Geek Squad and it is fixed. All with the exception of the apostrophe key that Berkley decided to rip off again last night which she successfully broke and now I can't get it to reattach. Go figure.

Greg is working in Ohio now so he is home on the weekends. After being home for a while, going back was quite hard on me and the kiddos because we had been accustomed to him being here and being a part of our everyday world. The change has been very hard because the kids love daddy and mommy having to do everything all the time...well, it's just hard. Brock came home from pre-school yesterday and informed me that he told them at school that he "doesn't have a daddy at home." So sad. Luckily, I had already told his teacher that his daddy works out of town. She too can identify with this as her husband drives a truck.

I've been going round and round with Berkley lately because she refuses to sleep at night which makes mommy very ill and tired! I don't know why my precious, exorcist fit throwing 2 year old won't sleep at night. She is fed, has a drink...everything...and it doesn't work. I will make her stay awake all day with no nap and she still won't sleep. I am seriously thinking of taking her to the doctor next week to see if there is ANYTHING I can do to help her out. I don't like the thoughts of drugging my child but my sanity (what little ounce I have) is on the line here!!! I have tried benadryl (the doc said to) and that doesn't help. She needs to sleep. In order for her little brain to grow, she has to sleep. I just worry about both the kids so much. Worry. Myself. Sick. Argh!

In October, I started working for my mom and dad. I was at the high school for a month or two. That didn't work out to say the least. Luckily, it worked out that the business mom and dad started (used auto parts) needed my help. I do love working there so very much. Of course there are challenges but for the most part, I love being there, going there and helping my FAMILY!!!

My b/f/f Leigh is about to be here to watch the kids for me while I work! She is the only person that has ever watched the kiddos besides my mom or granny so it's awesome that they love her enough to let her stay with them. They call her grandma!!! (and she's 30). I'll be back on here again. Probably tonight. I have so much to document. As for now, I am just going to let it flow. Whatever comes out, comes out. As much as I would like to outline my posts, I am just going to let it floooooow!

Much love to you all and it's wonderful to be back!!!


Jackie said...

Thanks for the detailed info about the Clarisonic!! I will definitely try your method tonight :)

Momma Hen said...

YAY! I'm glad that you're finally back! :) I've checked every once in a while. I was so pleased to find that you've gotten back to writing. I know we talk, but it's still nice to read what you've got going on in your head. :)