Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain really gives me a headache for some odd reason. I suppose it's the pressure in the air (or lack there of.) I am also really, really sleepy today.

Everything has been good around the home front. We are building a 22 foot deck on the back of the house. Since Greg raised the floor in the old laundry room (it will be part of the kitchen soon), there was about a 3 foot drop off out the back door and I've been using a step ladder. I can't wait to get it finished and have a cookout for friends! We never entertain because we don't have a lot of space so I'm hopeful. The deck will also feature railing all the way around with slats close together so the kiddos won't fall off. We are also going to put a gate at the steps so I can "corral" them in. If our drywall guy would come and finish the new addition onto the kitchen, we could knock out the wall and get it going. I'm excited for it to be finished but I'm not excited about the mess this will pose. I despise drywall dust so this should be interesting.
I'll post more later on. I am about to nod off!!! Happy Thursday!

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