Saturday, May 30, 2009

No Spacebar!

Consider yourself warned...this is going to be a random blog!

Berkley decided it would be really cool if she broke my laptop space bar off permanently. I've really been unable to type since she did it. I have hubbs computer tonight so I'm able to actually type a blog... I have to take my computer to Best Buy (for the 4th time...don't get me started on HP).

WAIT! It's 3:15 a.m. Not night time. Berkley has been up with her daddy most of the evening (okay, all night) and when she finally got me up around 2ish, she wanted pizza chips and dill pickles!!! YUCKO! She finally went back down with daddy and of course, I'm wide awake now. It worked out though cause when I woke up, my sinus' were full and hurting so I started with the saline nose spray and commenced to blowing!!! I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was like 22 or 23 (I DO NOT recommend this for any adult. My son had it done at the beginning of the year and did, not so much). I noticed yesterday that my throat felt swollen so I looked at it in the light. Sure enough, on the back of my throat were bumps. Honestly, I think it's allergies. I swear, I am going to move to Arizona where everything is dead! I also feel a hot flash coming on. Gotta love menopause at the age of 29 1/2. Speaking of 29 1/2...I'll be 30 on June 16th. Oh my! I get depressed around birthdays. Not because I think "I'm getting older," it's just something that happens every year...since I was 15ish.

Natalie--a response to your comment. Yes, we are going to be fast friends! Yay!

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Nichole said...

Did you know that the older you are when you have your tonsils removed, the more likely you are to have MAJOR complications and excessive bleeding (people have been known to actually bleed to death)? Crazy!

Hope you get to feeling better!