Thursday, May 7, 2009

Head strong child...

As I type this, Berkley is screaming and sobbing and wailing to the top of her lungs. All because she doesn't want to go to sleep and wants to go outside. I take her, she flails her arms, legs and is horrible. I'm sitting here trying to pretend like I'm not paying her any attention. I hope to god it stops soon. She has been screaming so long she is hoarse. Has to be an hour now. Great, now she's coughing and gagging. I can feel puke coming.

Not only her behavior meltdown she's having right now, she also has a horrible skin rash. I thought it was eczema but I'm not so sure. Now she's starting to dig at it and she screams when I put her in water. I've tried special lotions and nothing has worked. Even petroleum jelly hasn't it's off to the doctor tomorrow for her.


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