Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fit for a True Southern Belle!

I awoke this Mother's Day morning to a huge surprise!!! When I say NICE, I mean these babies were so expensive, I'm terrified to wear them!!!

Have a look at what my wonderful husband and kiddos did for me!!!

The gold hook closure also has a diamond on each side!!! WHAT?! I couldn't believe my eyes. These are cultured pearls and Greg said they are in the top 30% of all pearls sold!!! I'd believe it after examining the extended warranty which so nicely had the receipt in the folder. I almost felt sick...but so thankful at the same time!!! WOWZA! Pearls are also my birthstone. I am so thankful for my family on this Mother's Day and of course...I'm thankful for my pearls! YAY ME!!!

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High Heels & Combat Boots said...

those are really pretty. i've been wanting some pearls. josh tells me to go "pick some out". I dont think he realizes the cost.