Monday, April 6, 2009

Snotty nose, busted mouth, not enough hands and too much to do!

For some unknown reason, I had forgotten my obligation today. I volunteered to work both morning and afternoon shifts at work. That really isn't the issue because working more, equals more on the paycheck. BUT, Berkley is SICK. The kids have done so well with sickness lately but she is absolutely miserable. The started with a runny nose and now it has went to a pouring nose, non-stop sneezing and a bit of a fever. We have to be very careful of any kind of infection because of her kidney. An infection in her body could cause more kidney damage so anytime she gets a tiny bit sick, you'll see me rush her to the doctor. There are problems with getting her to the doctor. First of all, Brock has school so mom will be tending to him throughout the day. Secondly, mom has Cody and Tanner so when Brock gets out of school, there's no way she can take her to the doctor. Thirdly, Greg just can't take her...well because I said so and because he has to work. I just feel like that's something mommy should do!!! Under normal circumstances and a normal work shift, I'd have plenty of time seeing as I get off at about 10 till 1:00. But today it is 5:00. I could take her on my lunch break but I am also going to have to drive from BG to Richardsville to pick her up. Granny will be watching her for today and can't drive her into town. She's 72 years old for Pete's sake. What a time for someone to get sick. And, I'm working on a MONDAY until 5:00. Golly GEE WHIZ! What was I thinking? I'm going to have to figure out something or another.

Little Berkley also fell on Saturday morning. She was walking across the floor with a blanket on her head and she fell flat on her face. The passie in her mouth cut the inside top lip all to pieces. It's swollen and tender. So tender that she cries when she tries to bite into something.

Berkley kissing her new coloring book.

Brock in Nana's whirlpool!

My studious little children!

Berkley was coloring very precisely. :-)

This was the night she put herself to bed!

All dressed up to see Dr. Adams at Vandy!

Emmersen's 1st Birthday at Chaney's Dairy Barn!

She loved being at the party!!!

Speaking of Berkley, she just got up around 2:00 a.m., miserable and has screamed and cried for an hour. Off to the doctor we go for sure. Bless her heart!

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Jenni said...

Berk holds that crayon really well! :) What a big girl!

And I love the new main pic at the top of the page. I don't think they'll ever be able to convince anyone they aren't brother and sister. hahaha.