Friday, January 23, 2009

Pictures. What?

I keep saying I've been horrible with posts...and it's true. I usually post colorful things with pictures. I'm having horrible trouble with carpal tunnel in both hands so typing for prolonged periods of time has become quite painful. Not only that but Berkley always wants to sit with me as I type. She is well into the terrible 2's and she's only 16 months old!
Here are some of my favorite pictures I recently snapped! As I speak, Berkley is kissing me over and over on the lips and is trying to make it "pop". I take what I said back...maybe it's not the terrible two's Maybe it is just the red hair!
I'm thrilled about my pigtails, can't you tell?!
Berkley's new winter hat!
Look at all of my beautiful teeth!
16 and counting...
He is so sweet!

Christmas morning all sleepy-eyed!!!

L & N Train Depot--The reading of The Polar Express

Mommy and Brock at the train depot waiting to board, hear the story and see Santa Claus!

Berkley on Christmas in bubby's safety goggles!

My blog format is messing up! Argh! Till next time!

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