Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life just stinks sometimes...

Not sure how my house or life will be in 6 months. I'm speaking of our "living arrangements." I am not to air my dirty laundry on here but I can tell you that things between me and my husband are not well. I am coping and taking it day by day and focusing on MY children!

On another note:

The kids are doing great! Berkley just cut her 11th tooth! She has 4 on the top front, 4 on the bottom front, a molar on the top right, a molar on the bottom right and the newest molar on the top left! That explains the crabbiness!!! Brock's vocabulary and sentence structure has blossomed the last 2 weeks! He speaks as an adult now with some sentences and words he's using and they are all in the right context!

Well, I just wanted to note her new milestone and speak a little of Brock. Not much to write about because in all actuality...I can't! I was told by Greg that (someone in Greg's fam said) I was not to air the dirty laundry of my family on I'll leave it at that. Contact me should you want to know more details! :-) For the sake of everyone, I'll spare you the rant anyhow!

Much love to you all!

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