Saturday, July 19, 2008

SOKY Fair Beauty Pageant

Wish us luck tomorrow! I have entered my princess into the Southern Kentucky Fair Beauty Pageant. It's not like the ones where you do fake hair, spray tans, and $2,000.00 dresses!!! It's just our local fair's pageant. I put Brock in the pageant (he won best personality and best smile!)when he was around this age so I decided at the last minute to enter her. She is in the girls 0-11 months category. As of this morning, there were only 11 registered for her age group. You are allowed to register before the pageant though.

Here is the dress I bought for her today! It is so beautiful on her. It goes all the way to the top of her feet. It is teal and white gingham in the seersucker material! The bow matches the ribbon that runs around the bottom! (chocolate and teal) This dress was normally $56.00 at a local boutique but I got the dress and the bow for $36!!! Yeah! I will post pictures of the pageant and pics of her in the dress!!!

The bow matches perfectly!!!

I'm actually not putting shoes on her because the dress falls right on the top of her feet! Shoes would be overkill! Plus, you can't even see them really see them!

I have also entered her in the "Most Photogenic" category and have submitted the following photo for that. It was taken a few months ago but I love the picture!!!

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