Thursday, June 5, 2008


Brock woke up yesterday with a fever and was talking funny. Took him to the doctor and he possibly has strep...AGAIN. What makes me so angry is that he had to miss a day of pre-school. He only has 6 days for this month only. I'm not mad because he is sick...I'm mad because some of the mother's (1 or 2) brought their kids in with majorly snotty noses. When I mean majorly, I mean they had white crusty noses. This morning, Brock is sounding congested in the nose. Everyone says...welcome to school but it makes me really angry that a mom would bring their snotty child to school to spend 2 hours with other children. I had to leave a message for the director to let her know that Brock wouldn't be there and that they may want to pay a little more attention to the kids because at least one of them had a very snotty nose. I also advised her that this is not just my child, that he hasn't been sick in over a year. Anyhow, that's my rant about parents that just don't care enough about anyone other than themselves. Greg told me that I just had to deal with it. I don't think I was wrong in telling the director to pay a little more attention to the kiddos (I didn't word it like that though. I was very professional.) When I went in, I even heard one of the teachers say something about "we are going to have to work on that nose." This little boy had crusty snot all over his nose and top lip.

Doc said she was sending the test to the lab and that the test they do in office was kinda like a pregnancy test (if the line pops up, you have strep). She said there may have been a faint line but would let me know asap and in the meantime to go ahead with the antibiotics. If it turns out negative, she'll instruct me to stop the antibiotics.

Here is the best part:

Brock's Stats!

Weight: 49 lbs (no percentile. he is off the chart!!!)
Height: 42 1/2 inches (96th percentile)

I knew he was big but I couldn't believe he is that big. By the time he's in the 3rd grade, he'll be as tall as, if not taller than me! LOL

Well, I'm sleepy...I'll post some pictures later. Maybe!

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