Friday, May 9, 2008

Above Average!

As I said before, Brock's initial pre-school eval didn't go so well. He didn't want to stay on task, yada yada. Yesterday he was to be taken to the pre-school room with the current pre-school children and spend 30 minutes being observed by the school psychologist. He was greeted by Ms. Carter (a resource teacher) and he said hello. He then gave her a hug, walked into the pre-school room and off he went. No "bye mom, c-ya"!!! I was amazed. He was introduced to all the kids and he said hi. He wasn't a bit shy or scared! YEAH! He was then taken from the pre-school room to the speech room by the speech therapist!! The transition was fussing or crying, he just went right with her!!!! WOW! The psychologist came out and spoke with me and she said that he was GREAT in pre-school. She didn't see any social problems. He played with others, played independently and that he has the greatest little laugh!!! She was also amazed that the transition of him going from the pre-school room to Ms. Miller for speech was great!!! *I stayed hidden so he could not see me the whole time.*

I then went to Ms. Miller's room and waited outside and I could hear him. She was evaluating his speech and every now and again he would do the fake cry "I want mommy." Luckily she saw it was TOTALLY FAKE and said to him "Brock we are not going to do this!!" He would immediately zip it and do what she asked.

When Ms. Miller came out with him, Brock said, "Mommy, I did it, I won!" She told me that she thought he was extremely intelligent and she would even go as far as to say he is advanced. She said she believes the acting out behavior is because he is bored and needs to be challenged. She was amazed that he could do not only what she asked but could do 4 other things at the same time! She said that the sounds he could not make were age appropriate and there were only a couple we needed to work on. There's no way he qualifies for pre-school!!!! She kept on and on about just how intelligent and sharp he is. Of course, I knew that already!!!! lol

Ms. Miller said that he would have to be in the 9th percentile or less to qualify for pre-school. After scoring his testing, she said there was no way!!! He was in the 42nd percentile which was basically average for his age group! She just kept on saying that he is very smart and that she felt he was ABOVE AVERAGE!!! I was a glowing mother needless to say. She apologized about him not qualifying! I told her that was just fine! We had actually planned on not enrolling him into public school for pre-school. We believed they were trying to label him and over analyze him and his abilities! I guess we were right!

As soon as a spot opens up, Brock will be attending Big Red School at WKU. It is 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day. It will give him the socialization he needs with other children as well as that pre-school setting he needs along with an actual curriculum!

So, that's that! YEAH! They had me so worried for a bit! Now he's just too smart!

Talk to you all soon! Much love!


I'm so proud of my baby

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