Friday, April 11, 2008

Good Mornin' Ya'll!!!

There's nothing like getting up at 4:45 a.m. Berkley didn't sleep well last night at all. I know exactly why too!!!!! SHE HAS HER FIRST TOOTH! It's the bottom left front one if you are looking at her. The one next to it is very close to coming in too. She has been really struggling with teething. It wasn't so bad until this one actually began to surface. Now she just cries and grits her gums and tooth and makes the "ooh" face and actually says "ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo". It's pretty pitiful. We do Oragel and Motrin and that will sooth her for a bit. I just can't believe she has a tooth already! Not only that BUT, all in the same day, she started sitting up. If you sit her on her bottom, she just sits there. She's not completely steady yet and sometimes falls over but she's able to brace herself better when falling. She tips over like a little butterball turkey! Mom got her a little activity gym yesterday and she sat up and played with it for a while. She was holding onto the legs just looking at it in amazement and complete awe! TOO CUTE! I can't wait to feel her gums today...the tooth comes through more and more everyday.
Brock is just too precious. He is the sweetest, most caring child. When Berkley is gone, he really misses her and really cares about her and worries about where she is and when she'll be home. She's really starting to interact with him. He loves it (most of the time) when she swats at him or grabs him. He just laughs and says "Berkie get me." The sometimes he says "STOP BERKIE! You hurt me!"
Greg is well too. I don't think I write about him enough. He has been taking vitamins and I believe he feels somewhat better. He doesn't get a lot of rest because they work dark to dark but I believe the vitamins are helping him. I'm so happy that he took it on himself to begin taking them. Honestly, we are IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN!!! He told me last weekend in a very soft and sweet voice that he has fallen in love with me all over again and he just can't get enough (time) with me. AHHH! This is what life is all about. Beautiful, wonderful kids along with a wonderful man. Props to mom2 (Sharron) for raising a wonderful son. He's not perfect but he is definitely close enough...most of the!
Anyhow, let me back track a little. When I was little, I was told I had asthma but the kind I would outgrow because it wasn't bad and only affected me once in a blue moon. I haven't had an "asthma attack" in over 10 years and the time before that I was like 8 to 9 years old. I only get them if I knock the breath out of me OR if I become very upset to the point of hyperventilation. I was sleeping the other night and woke up out of a dead sleep having an asthma attack. I'd cough and get air out but I could get NONE in. It was that sound of an attack, struggling to catch air. Brock was sitting up on the bed saying "mommy's sick, mommy's sick." It passed and I went back to sleep. I went to the doc yesterday and he asked me "since when have you had asthma." I told him I didn't have it anymore, so I thought and it hadn't really bothered me since I was 8 years old so naturally I thought I had grown out of it. He gave me 3 inhalers (2 of which are the same kind and luckily they are samples.) I now have an albuterol inhaler and a symbicort (sp) inhaler. I do the symbi 2 times a day and I have to call the pharmacist on the other. I believe I only do that once daily. This should only last for a couple of weeks. I feel better now, just a little tingly in the chest. I did the inhalers last night and it really, really helped open me up. I just absolutely HATE IT that this is flaring up. I really thought it was gone. :( I think this is just a little irritation in my lungs and it will GO AWAY!
Well, I'm tired of typing so I'll post more later!

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